Best Fresh Human Grade Dog Food For 2019

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For 2019, we decided not to publish our test results. In 2019, many new 'fresh human grade' dog food manufacturers entered the market. We also noticed a trend in misleading marketing statements. Most claimed to be personalized portions and meals for your dog. In all cases, we found this is not true. Meals are pre-packed (typically frozen) in pre-defined, fixed generic sizes. This means that portion recommendations are based on weight range - very similar to traditional feeding instructions found on standard food packaging. Not exactly personalized.

Also, the environmental impact can be substantial. All came packaged in plastic, in addition to the extra packaging used during transit. Again, we found multiple misleading statements regarding recyclable materials being used.

For 2020, we will revisit our review process to ensure we provide the best information to help you decide on the best fresh human-grade dog food.

Updated on Jul. 21 2018

1 The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog


This is the best fresh human grade dog food we tested this year. The experience has been excellent. From the detailed support email to the quality of the food and packaging. The complete package made it stood out from the other competitors. But it is not all perfect. Like all the other manufacturers, there were some shipping issues.


2 Ollie Dog Food

Grocery Pup


A high-quality human grade dog food that is very close to a homemade quality. Packed with meat and quality ingredients. Not the best-looking food, but definitely loved by the dog.


3 Lucky Dog Cuisine Dog Food

Lucky Dog Cuisine


Good quality food and fast customer support. A better option for smaller dogs due to the higher cost of the food.


4 Tylee's Dog Food



This is's own brand of human grade dog food. The food was great but appeared to be machine processed. It is a good budget option due to the lower cost. Excellent customer support.


5 Nom Nom Now Dog Food



The only fresh dog food we tested that was not pre-frozen. The quality of this food has fallen considerably this year. Their meals contain more vegetables and low meat content. The hygiene of their food packaging is still an issue. This was our regular dog food, as it is produced locally. It is made in the San Francisco Bay Area where we are based, and hence shipping is predictable and fast. However, due to the quality issue with the food and packaging, we have since switched to another brand.


6 Pet Plate 
				Dog Food

Pet Plate


This is one of our least favorite food and experience. From the packaging to the quality of the food, everything was substandard when compared to the other food we tested. Lack of personalization, quality and high price, means this is near the bottom of our list.


7 Ollie Dog Food



Ollie has the best design in packaging and the best welcome kit from all the other human grade dog food manufacturers we tested. However, we found the quality of the food lacking due to its lack of moisture. The only food we tested where the dog refused to eat it after a few days.


Luna Dog

Food Tester

Name: Luna
Breed: Husky Mix
Age: 3.5-4 Years (age range during testing year)
Weight: 45 lbs
Location : California
Activity Level: High
Food Pickness : Average
Feeding: Twice a day. Morning. Evening.
Health: Excellent

Why Fresh Human Grade Dog Food?

There is no scientific data that indicates fresh human grade dog food are any better than other forms of dog food. But, it is known that most kibbles is processed and contains ingredients that are questionable. Knowing that a dog's food is made with the best ingredients and minimally processed, provides a peace of mind and comfort to the owner.

Some dog owners have also made claims that they have seen obvious health improvements in their dogs after switching to high-quality fresh dog food. Fresh human grade dog food is not cheap. It is on the high end of the dog food spectrum. So expect to pay around $4 to $5 a meal. To ensure its fresh dog food are not lacking essential nutrients, most manufacturers work with dog food experts. Hence, some food may contain extra supplements.

Manufacturers make fresh dog food appear visually enticing to the dog owner. A dog does not care what the food looks like. Taste trumps all. This has a negative effect on the actual benefit of the food. As seen in our tests and reviews, some of these visually appealing ingredients (large chunks of carrots, peas) passed straight through the dog.

In conclusion, the reason to feed your dog fresh human grade dog food is a personal decision. No independent research exists to say that it is a better way to feed your dog. If the budget allows it, give it a try. Like some owners, you may observe improvements that are specific to your dog.

Our Review Process

To find the best fresh human grade dog food for 2018, we ordered and pay for the food via the manufacturer's website, like a regular consumer. We never indicated that the food was being used for testing. Or received anything extra that any regular consumer would not receive. Each batch of food was tested up to a 2 week period with our dog Luna.

We may earn a small affiliate fee if you do buy something we recommend. The fresh dog food reviews and recommendations are independent. They are never based on any fees we may earn.