Grocery Pup Fresh Dog Food Review

Fresh, Never Processed Dog Food Born and Bred in Austin, Texas.

Updated on Jul. 21 2018

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Grocery Pup


A high-quality human grade dog food that is very close to a homemade quality. Packed with meat and quality ingredients. Not the best-looking food, but definitely loved by the dog.

Using their guidelines of 1 1/3 cups per meal for a 45 lb dog, the cost was approx $4.85 a meal. $8.50 per 1lb food (pricing is based on their cheaper membership plan). The second most expensive food we tested. Only Luck Dog Cusine came in higher. (The pricing also included state taxes. Unusually, this was the only company that charged the state tax even though we are out of state.)
The website was visually pleasing and simple to navigate. Online cancellation was simple. Delivery frequency changes can also be made online, although there are some minor issues with the interface where updates do not match the information shown.
Questions to support was answered within 24 hours. There was a minor technical issue where we did not receive any email notification of a reply to our question via the online chat. We only saw the answer when we revisited the site.
The food was shipped from Dallas, TX via UPS with full tracking. It was in transit for 4 days, The longest of all the food suppliers we tested.
Our shipping box arrived in a crumpled state. The bottom half of the box was damp and the top half was warm to the touch (we picked up the box with 10 mins of UPS leaving it at the front door). All the ice had melted in the box but the food was just slightly frozen (may explain the dampest to the bottom of the box). We suspect within another 12-24 hours the food would've been defrosted and possibly spoiled. Fiber foam within the box kept the box cold. Both the box and foam were recyclable. We did receive an unsolicited email to inform us that they have recently started shipping out of Texas, so hopefully, this will improve over time.

Food is frozen in a 1lb vacuum sealed bags which are then packaged into a larger 5lb bag. Each 5lb bag contains a particular food variety. Full instructions and expiration date are on the packaging. The packaging had a nice design and made the best of freezer storage space.
Food is frozen and has to be defrosted before feeding. Full instructions are included. We microwaved it for 30 secs from fridge to bowl to warm it a bit. We tested the beef and the turkey recipes. The food looked nothing like the pictures on their site. However, it is probably the closest food to home cooked that we've tested. The food is not pretty and is almost 'meatloaf' like. It is compacted into a 1lb brick and vacuum sealed. It is dense with some vegetable. It had a lot of meat and the consistency is very similar to something you would make at home and less manufactured. The dog loved the food and ate it all up. (Due to the density of the food, it was difficult to measure the feeding quantity via a cup. We had to cut the 'loaf' and fill a feeding cup to get a general idea what the portion size is like for future feeding. )
The stool was soft. No sign of undigested vegetables. No strong smell.
There was a baseball cap and a bandanna included with our box. The cap was cheaply made and both had huge company logos. We would've preferred something we can actually use (like a food scooper or similar as provided by other suppliers).
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