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Updated on Jul. 21 2018

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Lucky Dog Cuisine


Good quality food and fast customer support. A better option for smaller dogs due to the higher cost of the food.

Over $7 a meal. $10.60 per lb of food. This is the most expensive fresh dog food we tested. Each pouch is 16oz and cost approx $10.64. Meals are not personalized. Suggested feeding information is 2% of body-weight per day. The high cost of the meals meant this is probably a better option for smaller dogs.
No issue ordering from the website. However, since no account information access is available via the website, any order changes or updates had to be done via email or phone.
Great support. Responses to our inquiries were received within 24 hours. Personalised responses and not canned replies we've received from some other manufacturers.
Food was shipped from Hardeeville, SC via FedEx. Full tracking was provided. It arrived in 3 days. One day earlier than the predicted 4 days. Food is shipped once per month only.
In a large cardboard shipping box, the food is stored in a large styrofoam cooler (which cannot be recycled). Dry ice kept the food cold. Our food arrived with the dry ice gone but the food was still frozen. Printed food transition instructions and a hand written welcome card was included.

Food is sealed in single 16oz pouches. The pouches are flat, so made storage easy. The outer pouch was clean and had no residue. No production or expiration dates on the package. Label with feeding instructions and ingredients are on each pouch.
Food is pre-frozen. They have to be defrosted before feeding. We microwaved it for 40 secs from fridge to bowl to warm it a bit. We tested the variety packs which contained different recipes. Food had a paste-like consistency. It was moist and dense. Vegetables are small to aid with digestion. Dog loved the food and ate it all up.
The stool was soft. All the vegetables were fully digested. No strong smell.
We received a very high-quality wooden cutting board and pen. Apparently, the company sends out random cooking items with orders. They are currently celebrating their 10th anniversary.
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