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Updated on Jul. 21 2018

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The only fresh dog food we tested that was not pre-frozen. The quality of this food has fallen considerably this year. Their meals contain more vegetables and low meat content. The hygiene of their food packaging is still an issue. This was our regular dog food, as it is produced locally. It is made in the San Francisco Bay Area where we are based, and hence shipping is predictable and fast. However, due to the quality issue with the food and packaging, we have since switched to another brand.

Appox $3.90 a meal. $4.40 per lb of food. Based on a 2 weeks delivery schedule. The beef meal size is 14.5oz, which is one of the biggest we've tested. Meals are personalized to your dog's size, breed, and your location. So use this as a guide.
Some minor website usability issues. Especially on locating and setting the delivery schedule. A major issue is that the website may offer two different dates for the next meal deliver. Very confusing. (This is not fixed as of Feb 12 2018.)
Good email support. On a few occasions, the reply created more confusions, mostly due to the website usability issues. We also had a very concerning reply regarding food storage (see more details).
Very limited and strict shipping window. Orders are shipped out on one specific day of the week and changes or cancellation must be made approximately one week ahead. So you must plan ahead. Our traveling schedule meant on a few occasions we had no dog food or food sat rotting outside the front door. The food processing is located locally, so we get the shipments within 1 day of shipping. If you are not in California, expect a different shipping timeframe/experience.
A standard cardboard shipping box which usually arrived crushed in the corners. A plastic silver bubble bag and gel packs are used to keep the food cold during shipping. These are not 100% recyclable. Food arrived partially-frozen.

Food is sealed in single meal pre-portioned pouches. A pouch was opened for each meal. The outer pouch was covered in a thin grease layer and small food particles. This is a regular occurrence and we are curious how clean the food packaging facilities are. The pouch was easy to open. No production or expiration dates on the package.

NOTE: We had originally followed the manufacturer's instructions on storage. Where food can be left in the fridge for 5 days. We found this was an issue - as earlier tests with the Chicken recipe showed that the pouches started to expand like a balloon (gas being released by the meat - so not a good sign). Customer support gave us an inadequate reason regarding fridge temperature. So we started following other manufacturers' common suggestion. Food is rotated from the freezer to fridge on a 3-day basis. So about 3 days food is stored and defrosted in the fridge.
Food is fresh but is partially pre-frozen by the ice packs during shipping. Full instructions are included. We microwaved it for 40 secs from fridge to bowl to warm it a bit. We tested the Heartland Beef Mash recipe. The food was visually appealing. It has a high water content as we can typically see water in the pouches and the bowl. The vegetable chunks are too large for a dog to digest. In our tests, the vegetable went straight through the dog and never digested. Meat to vegetable ratio is low, so there are a lot more vegetables in each serving (especially potatoes). This may help to keep their cost down. Dog loved the food and ate it all up.
The stool was solid to soft. The stool contained a lot of the vegetables in its original chunk form. They were not fully digested. No strong smell.
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