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Updated on Jul. 21 2018

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Ollie has the best design in packaging and the best welcome kit from all the other human grade dog food manufacturers we tested. However, we found the quality of the food lacking due to its lack of moisture. The only food we tested where the dog refused to eat it after a few days.

Approx $4.06 a meal. $5.90 per lb of food. Based on a full 2 weeks delivery of food. Meal size is 11oz for the Beef recipe. Meals are personalized to your dog's size, breed, and your location. So use this as a guide.
The website is visually well designed. However, it was only possible to make minor delivery changes via the website. Cancellation required contacting support. The site had some technical difficulties too. We had to create 2 accounts to resolve an issue with ordering.
We received replies within 48 hours to our questions. However, they were vague and did not answer or resolve the issues we encountered.
For the West Coast, the food was shipped from Reno, NV via OnTrac with full tracking. We had an estimated delivery of two days, but the food arrived within one day.
The shipping box was colorful and very sturdy. Recyclable padding and dry ice kept the food frozen. There was no dry ice left when the package arrived, but the food was still frozen. Additional cardboard holders kept the trays together. All packaging was recyclable.

Food is pre-frozen in plastic trays. Each tray contained 2 days of food (for a 45lbs dog). The trays are made of very thin plastic with a clear cellophane film. During handling and storage, some of the trays crackled and/or the film cover was torn off. This meant we had to re-wrap some of the trays. No production or expiration dates on the trays. Printed instructions noted that food may be frozen for up to 1 year.
Food was frozen and need to be defrosted before serving. Full feeding and storage information was included. We microwaved it for 40 secs from fridge to bowl to warm it a bit. We tested the Beef recipe. The food was like mince beef with small vegetables. It was the driest food we tested and lacked any moisture (possible freezer burns). Cardboard food. This made it tricky to scoop the food out of the container. This was the only food we tested where the dog refused to eat it after a few days.
The stool was soft with no indication of undigested vegetables. No strong smell.
A welcome kit was included. There were a food scooper and a rubber tray lid cover for opened food. The biggest extra was a supply of probiotics to aid food transition.
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