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Updated on Jul. 21 2018

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This is one of our least favorite food and experience. From the packaging to the quality of the food, everything was substandard when compared to the other food we tested. Lack of personalization, quality and high price, means this is near the bottom of our list.

Appox $4.28 per meal. $7.50 per lb of food. Meal size is 9oz. However, due to the high water content, we had to feed 1/3 extra food beyond the recommended meal size. For the test, it was 12oz per meal (which bought the meal price to over $5 per meal). This is based on breed size. So use this as a guide.
We had no issue ordering or changing plans. The website was very basic. Not the best looking website.
No major issues.
For the West Coast, food was shipped from Salt Lake City, UT via FedEx. Full tracking and it arrived within 2 days as promised.
The shipping box came crushed and box sealing tape was partially open. The foam insulator was recyclable. Dry ice kept the food frozen. Our food arrived with all the dry ice gone, but the food was still frozen. There were no printed instructions for feeding or any other documentation included.

Food came frozen in small ice cream like tubs. There were no feeding or storage instructions included so we had to locate this directly on the website. A generic email was sent that point to the feeding instructions - nothing was personalized for your dog. Our food came in 18oz tubs which were good for one day of feeding. The tubs made storage difficult. They cannot lay flat, had to be stacked and took up a lot of room in the freezer. Also, not very environmentally friendly having a plastic tub per day of food. Use by date is stamped on the container (it was over 1 year for our food).
Food is pre-frozen. They have to be defrosted before feeding. We microwaved it for 40 secs from fridge to bowl to warm it slightly. We tested the Farmhouse Beef and Oven Roasted Turkey recipes. The defrosted food was mushy and had a high water content. It was not the most visually appealing food we tested. The vegetables were nice and small to aid in the digestion. Due to the high water content, we had to feed 1/3 extra food beyond the recommended meal size. Dog loved the food and ate it all up.
Soft and there are only minor signs of undigested vegetables.
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