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Updated on Jul. 21 2018

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The Farmer's Dog


This is the best fresh human grade dog food we tested this year. The experience has been excellent. From the detailed support email to the quality of the food and packaging. The complete package made it stood out from the other competitors. But it is not all perfect. Like all the other manufacturers, there were some shipping issues.

Appox $4.61 a meal. $4.50 per lb of food. The meal sizes are: Beef 9oz and Turkey 11.5oz. Meals are personalized to your dog's size, breed and your location. So use this as a guide.
Very simple to change, adjust or cancel deliveries.
Email support was excellent. We made various requests and very detailed responses were received within 24 hours.
Not predictable. For the West Coast, food was shipped from Ferndale, WA via FedEx. The website showed that food was shipped on a Monday. FedEx tracking showed food was picked up for shipping on a Tuesday evening. Food arrived on Thursday afternoon. (A detailed email from support was received that they are looking to improve this.)
Very sturdy cardboard shipping box. The most environmentally friendly packaging out of all the suppliers we tested. The foam insulator (used to keep the food fresh during shipping) was made of starch. It was possible to flush it down the kitchen drain. Everything else went in the recycling bin. Dry ice kept the food cold. Food arrived pre-frozen. Printed feeding and transition instructions included.

Food is sealed in single pre-portioned pouches. The pouches are flat, so made storage easy. Each pouch contained two meals for the day. We fed half in the morning and a half in the evening. The outer pouch was very clean, no residue. The food was tightly packed (vacuum sealed). Pouch opening was a bit messy, as there was no 'gap' in the packaging, so you have to cut into the food. Full production and expiration dates on the package.
Food is pre-frozen. They have to be defrosted before feeding. Full instructions are included. We microwaved it for 40 secs from fridge to bowl to warm it a bit. We tested the beef and the turkey recipes. The beef had a heavy liver smell. The consistency was almost paste-like. The food was moist and dense. The vegetable was nice and small to aid in the digestion. Dog loved it.
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The stool was solid. With very small indication that not all the vegetables were fully digested. The beef recipe gave a dark stool. The turkey recipe gave a pale brown stool. No strong smell.
The first shipping came with a high-quality insulated tote bag. A recyclable container was also provided for keeping opened unused food in the fridge.
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