Tylee's Dog Food Review

Human Grade, Whole Foods For Your Dog

Updated on Jul. 21 2018

4 Tylee's Dog Food



This is Chewy.com's own brand of human grade dog food. The food was great but appeared to be machine processed. It is a good budget option due to the lower cost. Excellent customer support.

Approx $2 a meal (1.5 cups per meal). $4.50 per lb of food. This is the cheapest (per meal) food we tested. We tested the 96 oz bag of beef recipe. Meals are not personalized. For a 40-50 lbs dog, 3-3 1/4 cup a day was suggested.
Very simple to order, cancel or adjust subscription via the website or phone support.
Excellent 24/7 live chat and phone support.
For the West Coast, food was shipped from McCarran, NV via FedEx. With full tracking, food arrived in 2 days.
Food came in a sturdy cardboard shipping box. Food arrived pre-frozen. Dry ice kept the food cold. However, there was a lot of unrecyclable foam insulation bricks. It was difficult to dispose of (due to the size and numbers involved) and not environmentally friendly. Printed feeding and transition instructions included.

Food is not pre-portioned. We ordered the 96oz (6 lbs) bag. A 30oz bag option is also available. The food is in a typical ziplock bag that is common for most frozen grocery. We had to use a separate container to defrost the food prior to feeding.
Food is pre-frozen. They have to be defrosted before feeding. We microwaved it for 40 secs from fridge to bowl to warm it slightly. We tested the beef recipe. Food appeared to be machine processed. The meat has a pellet quality with chopped vegetables. Did not have the 'homemade' quality of the other food we tested. Dog loved the food.
The stool was solid. All the vegetables were fully digested. No strong smell.
A plastic 1 cup food scooper.
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