Best Pet Insurance For 2021

Healthy Dog = Happy Dog

Updated on Jan. 21 2021

1 Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance



The best overall coverage for most pet owners. Different deductible levels for various budgets.

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2 Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best Insurance



Good general overall coverage. However, some common puppy illness are not covered.

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3 Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance



Optional routine care with diminishing deductible. Generally good reviews from existing policyholders.

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Why Pet Insurance?

Like many 'people' health insurances, pet insurance offers peace of mind. It offers coverage for veterinary treatment to treat diseases, sickness, and unexpected injuries.

Many veterinarians recommend owners get pet insurance for their dogs, regardless of age. Get coverage as soon as you can for young puppies. Most insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Animal hospitals are private entities, not federally funded. Pet owners have to cover all medical costs. Cost can be several thousands of dollars for surgery or hospital stays.

Illness and accidents are never predictable. If the unexpected happens, having pet insurance lets you focus on the recovery of the pet. And not worry or stress about the financial aspect of the care. Pet insurance saves lives.

Making Sense of Pet Insurance

There are many pet insurance companies offering a range of different plans. The three main areas of coverage are:

Accidents: This is coverage for unexpected injuries like being hit by a car.

Illnesses: This is coverage to treat sickness and certain diseases. Not all diseases are covered - so always read the small print for exclusions.

Wellness: This is coverage for services that keep your dog healthy. Routine health tests, dental work, and vaccinations. In general, most insurance plans offer this coverage for an extra premium.

ALWAYS read the small prints or call the insurance company for clarifications. There are many exclusions. They range from pre-existing conditions, breeds or specific diseases.

Our Review Process

The top best pet insurance recommendations for 2021 are based on our technology. We use big data and current policyholder insurance reviews. No dogs are the same, we strongly recommend reading the policy's small prints. Contact the insurance company to ensure you have the right coverage.

We may earn a small affiliate fee if you do buy something we recommend. The pet insurance reviews and recommendations are independent. They are never based on any fees we may earn. (Some pet insurance companies, rejected our affiliate application, due to not being the top recommendation. But we stand by our reviews and recommendations.)

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